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2016 - Awards

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1-IMG 6852
1-Dunn Prize-giving Craig Muller-001
  1-Scheffer Prize-giving Craig Muller
1st Open Men Hylton Dunn   1st Open Ladies (& 3rd Overall) Leilani Scheffer
1-IMG 6898
   1-IMG 6904
1st 40+ David Laithwaite   1st 40+ Barene Jankovich-Besan
1-Iain Morshead Prize-giving Craig Muller    1-IMG 6916
1st 50+ Iain Morshead (New Best Time)   1st 50+ Annetjie Strydom
1-IMG 6922
  1-IMG 6928
1st 60+ Lawrie Raubenheimer (New Best Time)   1st 60+ Linda Icely (New Best Time)
1-Craig 6970 Kisch Krew
Best Feed Station - Kisch IP Krew (Anola, Ruan, Tammi, Milli & Rob)
 1-IMG 6094-2
   1-photo 2016-07-15 19-58-29
 King of the Kloof Hylton Dunn    Queen of the Kloof Leilani Scheffer
1-IMG 6765
Best 70+ Finisher Peter Cross (208th in 8:39)
All Images (other than Queen of the Kloof) Craig Muller - Backyard Adventures
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