Runners will receive a foil survival blanket at registration. Runners are required to provide their own whistle.
Both items are to be carried for the duration of the event.
It is probable that the temperature at the start will be sub-zero, and could warm up to around 15°C during the course of the day. There could be strong head winds ‘up top’ which would create significant wind chill.
Recommended gear for the run is - 

Starting at the top, your Rhodes Run bandana to protect your ears, neck, face from the cold, wind, dust.... and will protect you from comments of fellow runners.

  Buff-RhodesRun collection
And then flipping to the sharp end as it were - Specialised trail running shoes. You'll need the extra grip they provide; in places you may wish you had crampons!
Warm tights, as it can be a bit frosty at the start, and the wind 'on top' can be absolutely bitter at times; they will also give some protection from the 'rose-hip' thorn bushes, the 'sharp spikey' grass and the odd tumble.
Gloves to keep some form of feeling in your fingers in the early morning, also to protect your hands when you clamber up Mavis Bank. Gloves also could provide your palms with a degree of protection should you fall on the uneven surface.
The wind coming over the Ben MacDhui snow fields, always smack into your face, can create significant wind chill. You'll be needing a good base layer moisture management long sleeved top with a light waterproof jacket. 
One pair of socks should do it; although folk have been known to change into a dry pair of socks for the drop down the cement strip. 
Hiking/trekking poles are permitted.
A few Grabber warmers are recommended together with your usual trail first aid kit.
A camera, on your phone or 'old school'. It's a valid excuse to stop and rest…...
Runners may wish to start the run with additional clothing which can be left at any feed station along the route and which will be returned to the finish. If the weather is bad it will be advisable to retain warm clothing throughout the run. 
It is not uncommon, even in 'good' weather, for runners to face a strong ice cold head wind, blowing off the Ben MacDhui snow fields, along the Lesotho border road. 
Runners are requested to clearly mark all clothing that they wish to recover. While every effort will be made to ensure that all discarded clothing is returned to the finish, the organizers disclaim all liability for any losses that may be suffered.
Any clothing not collected on the Saturday after awards will be donated to the local community.

Because of the remoteness of the area, and the extreme terrain especially through the Kloof it is essential that the Race Organisers know where everyone is at all times. It is critical that runners ensure that the Time Keepers at each Check Point have recorded their entry and exit at each. If a runner retires from the race, the runner must make sure that their race tags are handed to the Time Keeper at one of the four official Check Points or to the Time Keeper at the finish. If a runner retires and does not hand in their tags, OR if a runner does not hand in their tags at one of the Check Points the runner will be regarded as lost and a Search and Rescue team will be dispatched to look for them. The cost of this Search and Rescue will be billed to the runner. Runners are to be very careful to stay on the route and hand in their tags if they retire.


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