When printed our 'Red' numbers are imprinted with a special patented ® micro process which embeds invisible threads of anxiety, stress, pressure, self-doubt, nervous tension, concern, apprehension, anticipation, trepidation.

Probably the reason why we have been told that a Rhodes Run 'Red' number carries far more weight than one of our other numbers, especially on the slopes of Mavis, into the headwind on the ‘border road’ under snow-capped Ben MacDhui and along the 'Tufts of Terror'.

By contrast, our Snowflake numbers are printed using a unique micro-stripping technology which not only removes all that extra weight from our ‘Red’ numbers, but reduces the carry-weight to a negative, technically assisting a Snowflake number owner not only on Mavis and the ‘Tufts of Terror’ but over the entire route.

This unique micro-stripping technology is casually and incorrectly referred to by many as ‘muscle memory’.

Our Mauve and Gold Snowflake numbers have a boosted form of this micro-technology, creating an almost hovercraft effect and their owners are easily spotted as they glide along the route.



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