There are good things the trail run gets involved with and there are 'really' good things!

We are thrilled to have been involved with this fantastic project initiated by Nadia Claassens and sponsored by Specsavers.

The backstory is that in November 2018 the trail run had been in communication with the Rhodes Public School to set up and arrange a free eye test for every pupil at the school. The huge bonus being that complimentary spectacles would be provided to every child who needed corrective lenses.

The tests would be carried out by Nadia Claassens, a Specsavers franchise owner, and owner of Snowflake number 1096 who initiated this project. Nadia and her husband Zander (who owns Snowflake number 1067) travelled to Rhodes a few days earlier than usual for the run and during the week leading up to the run carried out the tests, the first time in the history of the school eye tests had been done. 


We were as excited as the children when 'testing day' arrived and managed to capture a few images. The big moment for those who needed spectacles was when it came to choosing a frame from the selection Nadia had laid out. One could see this was really a very big decision for everyone. 

Fast forward to this past week and Nadia & Zander travelled down to Rhodes from Middelburg to fit and hand over spectacles to each pupil who needed corrective lenses. An absolutely fantastic effort by Nadia, Zander and Specsavers. Thank you, a very big thank you.





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