What is a ‘Nominee’ and a ‘Substitute’?

‘Nominee’ is when you nominate someone to use the invitation BEFORE you have entered.

‘Substitute’ is when you arrange for someone to substitute for you AFTER you have entered.


Who qualifies as a ‘Nominee’ or a ‘Substitute’?

A ‘Nominee’ or a ‘Substitute’ for the 2020 event must have completed a previous Rhodes Trail Run or have been recorded on the Rhodes Run waiting list on or before 28 June 2019.

The organisers are not responsible for sourcing a substitute. Entrants must arrange their own substitute.

The suggested route is to make use of the Forum on the Rhodes Trail Run website https://www.rhodesrun.za.net/kunena/substitutions Over the past two decades the Forum has had a 100% success rate.


Who receives invitations for the 2020 event?

Entry is by invitation only, with each of the 2019 finishers receiving an invitation.  The recipient of the invitation may use it for himself/herself or pass it on to an eligible runner of his/her choice.

Event Partner Wild Card entries from 2019 do not receive invitations.

Invitations not taken up by the closing date will be passed on to runners on the waiting list.


Is there a qualifying time?

You do not have to run a ‘qualifying time’ before you enter the Rhodes Trail Run.

However, you need to be able to comfortably complete a ‘fast flat road’ 21km in less than 2:15 in order to make the border Check Point (Mavis Top) cut-off of 4½ hours. Any slower and there is a good chance you’ll be riding down the mountain in a recovery vehicle.

At that pace, it will still be a serious push to beat the 9-hour cut-off at the Finish.


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