The Rhodes Run is an invitation only event and each year invitations are sent to:
  • Individuals who completed the event the previous year, or who reached the Mavis Bank cut-off point before the cut-off time limit
  • Individuals who received a medical certificate from the race medical official
  • Individuals on the waiting list, to fill the available ‘run slots'
Should any invitations not be returned before the entry cut-off date (closing date),  then a further batch of invitations is released to the waiting list.

In the case of an individual who is disqualified the invitation is forfeit and will be passed to the waiting list the following year.
This is an invitation only event and the organizers reserve the right to reject any entry at their sole discretion and are not required to provide reasons for their decision.
Substitution Facility:

Provision is made for someone who receives an invitation and who is not able to run to substitute his/her entry to someone of his/her choice, provided the ‘nominee' or ‘substitution' criteria are met.

'Nominee' and 'Substitution' criteria are that a ‘nominee' or a ‘substitute' must have completed a previous Rhodes Run or have been recorded on the Rhodes Run waiting list on or before the day prior to the event date the previous year.


'Nominee' and 'Substitute':

'Nominee' is when you nominate someone to use the invitation BEFORE you have entered.

'Substitute' is when you arrange for someone to substitute for you AFTER you have entered.


Permanent Numbers:

A permanent number will not confer any privileges on the holder, but will have the effect of recording the holder in the annals of the race.  

A permanent number will not automatically qualify the holder to run in future races.


Invitations from the Waiting List:

Invitations from the Waiting List must be ‘taken up’ by the person on the Waiting List within two (2) years of coming off the Waiting List. Failure to do this and the invitation will be forfeited and will be reallocated to the Waiting List.
‘Taken up’ means the person on the Waiting List must enter and register at the pre-race registration. The two-year period commences from the year the invitation is first offered.
Should the person on the Waiting List not be in a position to ‘take up’ the invitation in the first year
  • then to keep the invitation valid the invitation would need to be used by a ‘nominee’ or a ‘substitute’
  • the person on the Waiting List must personally use the invitation in the second year
  • the invitation may not be substituted in year two if it was used by a substitute in the first year.


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