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All Roads lead to Rhodes ...

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Collective Noun - An .... of Rhodes Runners

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We enjoyed receiving your ideas on what to call a group of Rhodes runners


The collective noun, as selected by the Flag Team from the submissions below, is an Aurora of Rhodes runners.

Voting was, as expected, tight and wow)) buy celebrex 200 Dave's submission (voted for on a 'blind-tasting' basis) collected a 1st and a 5th to take the levitra online canada no prescription win.

Dave Funnell outlined his rationale for using 'aurora' as the collective noun for Rhodes runners thus

It's actually the collective noun for a group of Polar Bears - very relevant.
I also like the ring of it due to its other meaning as a romantic name for the Roman Goddess of Sunrise, who's tears turn into the morning dew. The sunrise over the mountains at Rhodes has been gorgeous both years I've run.
Along with being associated with the antibiotic drugs electrical phenomenon of green & red steamers, the Aurora Borealis at the North Pole & Aurora Australis at the South Pole.
Somehow seems to sum up Rhodes for me.
 All the submissions are listed here
A frost-bound of ... An aurora of ... A stubbornness of ...
A shiver of ... A Rhodies of ... An icicle of ...
An ice-tray of ... An Olaff of ... An avalanche of ...
A buffer of ... A rookery of ... A gasp of ...
A chillaxing of ... A maelstrom of ... A grumble of ...
A chill of ... A nipple of ... A rimy of ...
A bedraggle of ... A swirling of ... A trail mix of ...
A sub-zero of ... A muttering of ... A family of ...
A chatter of ... A gaggle of ... A waddle of ...
A flurry of ... A registry of ... An ice-scream of ...
A rustle of ... A revel of ... A glacier of ...
A stumble of ... An asylum of ... A wheeze of ...
A folly of ... A sherryfied of ... A frosting of ...
Icicles of ... A winter of ... A frozen of ...
A gurgle of ... A ripple of ... An anti-freeze of ...
A brrrrrravery of ... An ayoba of ... A rumble of ...
A hyperthermia of ... A Buff of ... A blur of ...
A huddle of ...    
Well done Dave your prize will be in your registration bag


















A family record

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There are a number of father/son, father/daughter, mother/daughter, spouses, brothers and sisters who have received their Snowflake Permanent Number at Rhodes.

Not all of whom ran during the same year.

The Minty family has taken this a step further.

On 8 July Mom & Dad, Mariana and Mike and sons Rudi and Brian will line up together, all four wearing a blue Snowflake number.

Mariana No 247 having completed in 1995, 1996, 1997, 2006 and 2009 for her 5 runs

Mike No 265 having completed in 1995, 1996, 1997, 2006 and 2009 for his 5 runs

Rudi No 958 having completed in 2011, 2012, 2013m 2014 and 2015 for his 5 runs

Brian No 1025 having completed in 2013, 2014 and 2015 for his 3 runs

We wish the Minty family an enjoyable day with us on our hills and hope to see the family total hit 22 medals on the Saturday evening.

Rhodes Snowflake Perm No blank


Don't expect hot water

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 frozen-tap 1821521b
Here is a useful tip for those of you who are going to blitz the buy valtrex online uk route on the 8th.
Don't expect hot water, or even running water for that matter, if you finish before midday. Water freezes when it's cold, you would have noticed that when you crossed the rivers and www.ecomedia-europe.net at the feed stations, and frozen water just does not flow through pipes. So, no hot showers, and maybe no showers or baths until the afternoon.
Of course those of you who have been to Rhodes before know this...but please tell your family who will be in Rhodes while you have fun scrambling over the hills - they will probably not be able to go 'home' to a hot bath after the start.  Help them  to have an enjoyable morning without worrying about a morning bath - suggest they are well stocked with steaming hot coffee and/or OB while you are away!

Identify the Race Numbers

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At many events you’ll notice different colour race numbers being worn.
On 8 July you’ll see five different colours used at the Rhodes Run:
Sham Singh and Danny Holton, our two surviving pioneers from 1989, will have a gold number.
This year will be their 29th consecutive Rhodes
 Mauve   A mauve number will be carried by those who have completed 20 Rhodes
A blue number identifies all those who have completed three or more Rhodes
and have received their 'Snowflake' permanent number
 A red number identifies those who will be running their third Rhodes
 and will receive their ‘Snowflake’ permanent number at awards on Saturday evening 
 White   Our novices and those running their second Rhodes have a white number
This year Jannie, Kobus, Shane, Sakkie and Guillaume will proudly be wearing their mauve number
Keep an eye out for those gold and mauve numbers, and give the red numbers a special word of encouragement.

At the end of Kloppershoek Kloof lies...

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There is no pot of gold at the end of Kloppershoek Kloof.

There is however a slight conversation stopper.

The image below is the view looking back down the kloof. The route follows the kloof from the top of the image to where the photographer is standing, which is just after the 21km mark. 

60D IMG 4474

 At the end of the kloof lies that slight conversation stopper, the legendary Mavis Bank,

1-IMG 0471

Those small white dots on that low ridge in the middle of that ox-bow formed by the Kloppershoekspruit are runners about to start their run, or climb, up Mavis Bank to the photographer's position.


Not sure where they are .... there they are ...

1-MavisBankDSC04340 - Copy

The 4½ hour cut-off is at the top of Mavis Bank.

Next is the climb to Lesotho View. It is a climb, and there is a stunning view, clouds permitting of course!


Inside Kloppershoekkloof

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1-11223690 915641788493164 7892902097830990559 n
  1-11058053 915641898493153 8159778447519082472 n
1-11709602 915641848493158 4688440654261277885 n
  1-11218898 915641501826526 8654491626523873360 n

Images: Sharon McComb


Breath-tak-ing Trail Run

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Image from an olde, very old, Rhodes Run shirt


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