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Memories from UTi Rhodes Run 2015

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 Iain Morshead, a two time winner observes having set a new 50+ 'Best Time' at the 27th UTi Rhodes Run  
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 The Hooggenoeg Peak cairn watches as the peak is conquered  
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 Finishing is a family affair for Alison Wasserfall  
 The best all natural protein supplement - 'Walkerbouts' feed station  
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Lesotho View ... but still not going down ...  

Images courtesy Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures


It was tight at the sharp end from the 'go'

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 Iain Don-Wauchope takes the 'King of the Kloof' title  
 Sydney Speelman - second over the top of Mavis Bank  
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 Sydney & Iain matching strides  
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Images courtesy Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures


Spot the runners ...

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Through the lens of Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures 'up high' at the 27th UTi Rhodes Run

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 Someone, other than Craig Muller, kept a sharp eye on the 2015 Rhodes runners  

Headline Results 2015

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One of our warmer starts at +3° but a deceptive day 'up top'. A headwind over the Ben MacDhui snow of 25 - 50kph gave more than a few runners a very chilly day in the mountains.

The firm footing made for good running up front as the number of 'Best Times' indicates.

There were 293 starters, 257 finishers and 35 Snowflake permanent numbers awarded. 'Headline' results are (** denotes new Best Time):

  Men Ladies
1st Iain Don-Wauchope  Su Don-Wauchope (5th overall)
2nd Sydney Speelman Leilani Scheffer (13th overall)
3rd Ben de Klerk Karoline Hanks (16th overall)
King of the Kloof Iain Don-Wauchope   
Queen of the Kloof   Su Don-Wauchope **
 1st Iain Don-Wauchope ** Karoline Hanks 
2nd  Ben de Klerk Ronel van Graan 
3rd  Danie de Villiers Sunelle Dunn 
 1st Iain Morshead ** Ansie Breytenbach 
2nd  Andrew Ramakgapola  Susan Meyer 
3rd  Guillaume Nel  Heleen Höll 
 1st Phillip van Niekerk  Linda Icely **
2nd David Janse van Vuuren Robin Sherry
3rd Lawrie Raubenheimer  
1st over Hooggenoeg Iain Don-Wauchope Su Don-Wauchope **

Race Date 2016

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The date to circle in your diary is Saturday 9 July 2016.



Don't expect hot water

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Here is a useful tip for those of you who are going to blitz the route on the 11th.
Don't expect hot water, or even running water for that matter, if you finish before midday. Water freezes when it's cold, you would have noticed that when you crossed the rivers and at the feeding stations, and frozen water just does not flow through pipes. So, no hot showers, and maybe no showers or baths until the afternoon.
Of course those of you who have been to Rhodes before know this...but please tell your family who will be in Rhodes while you have fun scrambling over the hills - they will probably not be able to go 'home' to a hot bath after the start.  Help them  to have an enjoyable morning without worrying about a morning bath - suggest they visit the Farmer's Hall or are well stocked with steaming hot coffee and/or OB while you are away!

Rhodes Run Time Again - "The Reporter"

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Rhodes Run Time Again

26 June edition of "The Reporter"


The lack of good rain in the district is certainly not an accurate forecast of the coming deluge. A deluge that will not necessarily bring rain, but a deluge none the less. 
Mid-July is Rhodes Run time.  11 July will see the 27th edition of this iconic event that proudly showcases our district. Over 1000 people are expected to flood into Rhodes over race weekend. The trail run is without question the single largest tourism drawcard that brings much needed ‘tourism rands’ to an area that has been feeling the economic pinch.
Participants hope for sleet, bitter cold and snow. Weather that the runners see as perfect Rhodes weather. The blizzard like conditions that many experienced last year ‘up top’ were just what the runners been ordered.
This year will once again see an international flavour with athletes arriving from the UK and the USA. Boston resident Peter Cross will be making his 15th trip to Rhodes village to participate in one of his favourite events. 
Both 2014 winners will be back to defend their titles. Johnny Young, a nine time Rhodes finisher, and Capetonian Karoline Hanks will be hoping that race day conditions favour them. Karoline won last year at her first attempt at the Rhodes Run.
Making their 27th appearance at their traditional feed station spot at the Kloppershoek road will be a couple who the organisers cannot praise enough. Francois & Hannalie Nel of ‘Hamilton’ will be cheering on the runners at the Kloppershoek feed station. They are only feed station team to have worked at every event since the inaugural run in 1989.
Local interest will focus on Sydney Speelman who won the ‘King of the Kloof’ title last year being first to the top of Mavis Bank. Sydney has had a string of good results this year and expectations are high that his 5th Rhodes will see him pull off that elusive win.
Other local participants will be Lise Smith of ‘Martindale’ in Maartenshoek who will be running her third and hoping to claim a coveted snowflake number for three finishes, Hylton and Sunelle Dunn who will be running their 5th and 2nd respectively, Henk & Solette Lombard of Indwe who will be running their 2nd and 1st respectively, and novices Janneke Leask and Ida Fivaz of Ugie and Christina Olivier of Barkly East. Travelling slightly further to the village will be Matatiele’s Jaco Jacobs hoping to collect his first finishers’ medal.
Multiple Comrades Marathon winner Alan Robb will be among the 115 novices making their first appearance at Rhodes. The first South African lady to climb the ‘Seven Summits’ Mandy Ramsden will be running her 2nd while Queenstown’s Dave Moody, Sakkie Vlok of Rooihuiskraal and Kobus Brand of Bethlehem will be lining up for their 21st medal. Sham Singh & Danny Holton will be aiming to continue their ‘full house’ and complete their 27th Rhodes.
We wish all our local runners well over their last few weeks of training for this arduous event that features in the Runner’s World list of the top ten toughest runs in South Africa.

Shot in the arm for local economy - "The Reporter"

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Shot in the arm for local economy

26 June edition of 'The Reporter'

The annual UTi Rhodes Trail Run is almost upon us and preparations are in full swing to receive the over 1000 visitors to the village.
The Trail Run has without question been a stable force for the local economy for many years.
The traditional Friday evening meal prepared by family and friends of the Rhodes Christian School in the Farmers Hall, this year under the able stewardship of Deidre Gush, will again be well supported. Saturday will start off with Deidre’s team serving breakfast buns for the non-runners after the start, although Deidre says they are more than happy to serve runners who feel the need for extra sustenance before tackling this extreme event. The Farmers Hall will be a hive of activity all day Saturday with many tasty eats and drinks for sale.
The Rhodes Christian School also benefited from a ‘Wild Card’ entry made available for a lucky draw. The lucky winner not only secured an entry to the run but also, and possibly more valuable, accommodation close to the start.
Dave Walker of “Walkerbouts Inn” reports that his dining room is fully booked for the Saturday evening. Dave expects his highly rated and very tasty pizzas to be huge favourites over race weekend, while the pub at “Walkerbouts” is expected to be very busy.
Every bed in the valley has been booked and in many cases floor space as well. Fuel stations in Barkly East and on all routes to Rhodes will notice a slight up-kick as runners travel to the Bell River valley, and when they return home.
It is not only local commerce and industry who will benefit from the run. The Rhodes Vulture Restaurant will, as has become customary, receive part of the proceeds from the sale of Rhodes Run Polar Bear Club™ t-shirts as well as all the proceeds from the sale of the Polar Bear Club certificates which have once again been donated by the Trail Run.

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