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Race day for every event is always all about the training. The homework. The 'hard yards'.  Input equals output, well, mostly!

A novice preparing for the 2015 UTi Rhodes Run sent this note

"Ha ha, I saw your training page! I thought just running a lot would be enough, but I guess I need to up my game!"

The page on our website he is referring to is our 'Training Tips'

Rhodes Run route cold IMG 1784

Race day and a cold Rhodes Run route with hills waiting to be run (Archive image)

To quote a novice "We have been warned!"


A Warm Tradition

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Rhodes Run-Sedgwicks Old Brown-Tradition

A South African and very much a Rhodes tradition, Sedgwick's Old Brown.

For the 27th year every finisher at the UTi Rhodes Run will receive a bottle of Sedgwick's Old Brown on crossing the finish line.

Some traditions one can't contemplate changing!


DM Kisch announce 'Wild Card' winner

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The draw to find the winner of very popular DM Kisch Inc 'Wild Card' competition took place yesterday.

Thank you everyone who entered. The draw entry fees will be used by the DM Kisch 'Rhodes Run' team (Kisch Krew) on renovations to Zakhele Rhodes Public School.

The 'Kisch Krew' traditionally arrive in the village a few days before the run and work from sunrise to sunset for 2-3 days at the Zakhele Rhodes Public School.

20120712 083519

Kisch Krew taking care of the Zakhele children, before taking care of the Rhodes runners on Mavis 


The winner of the 2015 'Wild Card' is Tyler Sims.

Congratulations Tyler, the @KischKrew will take extra care of you when you crest Mavis.


 Robin Richardson of DM Kisch Inc draws Tyler 


Easter Bunny visits Zakhele

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Squeals of excitement and delight could be heard through the valley yesterday when the Easter Bunny visited the Zakhele Rhodes Public School.

A tad early, but when it's chocolate and you are at school... it does not matter!



RhodesPublicSchool EasterEggs 2015


Get on the Rhodes Trail with DM Kisch

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Join the team from DM Kisch at the top of Mavis Bank this July

DM Kisch Rhodes-Wild-Card2015Click here for more details


Between Boston and Kimberley

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Training conditions vary for all our runners, and these past ten days have shown just how varied conditions can be.

It started last Tuesday when Hendrik Smith arrived back on board SA Agulhas II, with a hefty load of extreme cold weather gear, having spent a while in low degrees in lower degrees.

When Peter Cross told us that he was out in minus 23.5°C on his morning run earlier this week we did not realise that Boston would have immediate competition on training conditions.

Boxford Feb 2015

In Germany there was snow for Willem Haarhoff when he went for his run a few days ago, but not that extreme sub-zero temperature that Boston is experiencing.

A little closer to the race route, uncannily with a strong 'Rhodes' link, Mark Hunt and a group of Kimberley runners had very different training conditions.

Mark recorded a temperature of 43°C in the shade, a temperature of 56°C on the sand and a tar temperature of 63°C.

Interestingly the Kimberley folk did not see any sign of snow!

Conditions on race day?

Our guess is somewhere between Boston and Kimberley!


UTi Wild Card for Zakhele School

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The winner of the UTi sponsored Wild Card competition that saw all funds raised go to the Zakhele Rhodes Public School was Vincent de Villiers.

Vincent's prize comprised an invitation to the 2015 UTi Rhodes Run (which, needless to say, he completed and returned immediately!) and a fabulous Inov-8 Race Pro 12 hydration pack

VincentdeVilliers Inov8 winner Feb2015

Vincent de Villiers receives his Race Pro 12 from Inov-8's Lebo Malinga


Rhodes - A Big Hole and a Big Hill

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Rhodes - A Big Hole and a Big Hill

or Haircuts & Heart at the Big Hole

Cecil John links Kimberley and our remote north east Cape village.

It is universally known that barbers traditionally, and possibly through empirical training, are all knowing of their customers, almost a confessional sanctuary prevails around the well-worn leather chairs. 

Last week one of our Kimberley resident 'Snowflake' runners pops into his local barber shop to have his locks trimmed.

Barber welcomes him, then exclaims "Oh, here is another chap who will be running your Rhodes run this year"

And so two strangers sharing two common threads, the same barber in Kimberley and the same sense of adventure that takes them to Cecil John's namesake village, are introduced under the revolving red, white and blue stripes.


A few months ago another Rhodes runner was feeling rather poorly, as in really not lekker, during a solo mountain weekend training run. Arriving home, and still feeling very out of sorts and extremely uncomfortable, he phones his mate, a Rhodes runner and Kimberley resident - not one of our barber shop duo. After an in depth telephonic diagnosis, not-great-feeling runner is advised to suck it up and if he's still feeling out-of-it on the Monday to go and see his chiropractor as he's probably ricked his back while out on the mountain. Seemingly reasonable advice.

Our not-great feeling Rhodes runner visits the local chiropractor next day, to be told  "Good news. Nothing wrong with your back"

"However, you're off to hospital urgently, you had a heart attack while out running on Sunday, and you need a by-pass"

Rhodes is not for sissies....nor is Kimberley it seems!


Note: For a reasonable fee we can tell you who NOT to get medical advice from!


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