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Claiming the most difficult award not once but twice!

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A new award, and tradition, was introduced in 2009 for the 21st Rhodes Run, the 'Cut-off Blanket'.

The 'Cut-off' blanket is awarded to the first runner after the 4½ hour cut at the top of Mavis Bank. The fleece blanket is embroidered with the levitra online canada no prescription year and wow)) buy celebrex 200 is a 'one-off' making it something of a treasured award.

The first blanket was presented by Comrades Marathon legend 'Waltzing' Dave Wright to Annamarie le Roux. Annamarie says that the blanket is too big for her display cabinet so is proudly displayed in her lounge.

1-Rhodes Run 2009 - Julia Stephens  DMK

Presented at the top of Mavis Bank and one of the most desired awards at the Rhodes Run but difficult to 'win' as runners clamber up to reach the Mavis Bank Check Point before the air horn echoes across the valley signalling 'time'. 

Difficult to 'win' the unwanted blanket once, but the odds on a second blanket?

In 2014 Estelle Wessels received the antibiotic drugs 'Cut-off' blanket at the top of Mavis.

 Rhodes Run 2015-Cut-Off Blanket  1415

Estelle collected her second 'Cut-off' blanket this year. A feat that is unlikely to be repeated anytime soon. One of the blankets possibly to be shared with husband Frank who scrapped in at the Finish later in the day.

2-Rhodes Run 2015 - Cut-Off Blanket 14  151


Champion Smiles

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Dateline: Rhodes, 11 July 2015

Su and Iain Don-Wauchope congratulate each other after their very successful return to the Rhodes Run.

 60D IMG 1281

60D IMG 1277

Local runner Sydney Speelman (2nd) and 3rd placed Ben de Klerk flank Iain Don-Wauchope on the finish line.


Stuff of Heart Attacks

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Stress no doubt for the last few runners as they push fatigued legs & lungs through blurred vision towards the Finish banner... and that final cut-off whistle.

Stress for the runners, but heart attack stuff for friends, family and especially the organisers on the Finish line.

Kerry Trentham squeaked in to claim his 'Snowflake' permanent number a mere 34 seconds before the Event Director sounded that final whistle.

Then the heart rate accelerated, hugely!

Frank Wessels heard the PA system while walking up the buy valtrex online uk last hill past the Police Station and thought it was all over. Pushed, shouted at and threatened Frank pounded down those last 50m to cross the line with a full 24 seconds to spare. The experience of 13 finishes at the Rhodes Run!

Our final runner to claim a 2015 medal was an extremely emotional Rhodes novice Izelle Burke who collapsed over the line only 11 seconds before the whistle. A long day up and down the mountains around Rhodes for Izelle resulted in a hard earned and well deserved finish.

1-Rhodes Run 2015 - Craig Muller

Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures captured the emotion as Frank and www.ecomedia-europe.net Izelle closed in on the Finish line, and their medal.


Contrast on Hooggenoeg Ridge

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What a difference a year makes!

Slight difference in conditions on Hooggenoeg Ridge as a windswept Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures saw it this year compared with Caroline Lee's snow covered landscape of 2014.

cidar3JteIk0df8ZHXj4ujicRUS0q2NSAK2oBMNoWWg 1

 10300695 670543623039288

Predictions for 9 July 2016? 


Memories from UTi Rhodes Run 2015

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 Iain Morshead, a two time winner observes having set a new 50+ 'Best Time' at the 27th UTi Rhodes Run  
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 The Hooggenoeg Peak cairn watches as the peak is conquered  
yvnr4CH8MVUjArEgEtfcrfh7OEjdch7X5m3SeX4 G8k  
 Finishing is a family affair for Alison Wasserfall  
 The best all natural protein supplement - 'Walkerbouts' feed station  
pC0dTffGWE8qsJVQiFKeBzo8IpX1leiMVE1LfGOsbjE 1
Lesotho View ... but still not going down ...  

Images courtesy Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures


It was tight at the sharp end from the 'go'

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 Iain Don-Wauchope takes the 'King of the Kloof' title  
 Sydney Speelman - second over the top of Mavis Bank  
U0xH LgULiy2KRURiF a eTLYcehbLv3Tv2-WGpbJ0Y
 Sydney & Iain matching strides  
 zHvS-oWS8k35z0C3qVMtIbffZNN4UKFhpUrGzHh -nk  

Images courtesy Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures


Spot the runners ...

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Through the lens of Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures 'up high' at the 27th UTi Rhodes Run

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 ShhmJoGnESJc6lAc0D4Lgim9yTe4KTlvRloZ370WjwY 1
vjwO63xgOXME5HthFqBE6mxjXbFAXM wCW1-bGe2ujM
 Someone, other than Craig Muller, kept a sharp eye on the 2015 Rhodes runners  

Headline Results 2015

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One of our warmer starts at +3° but a deceptive day 'up top'. A headwind over the Ben MacDhui snow of 25 - 50kph gave more than a few runners a very chilly day in the mountains.

The firm footing made for good running up front as the number of 'Best Times' indicates.

There were 293 starters, 257 finishers and 35 Snowflake permanent numbers awarded. 'Headline' results are (** denotes new Best Time):

  Men Ladies
1st Iain Don-Wauchope  Su Don-Wauchope (5th overall)
2nd Sydney Speelman Leilani Scheffer (13th overall)
3rd Ben de Klerk Karoline Hanks (16th overall)
King of the Kloof Iain Don-Wauchope   
Queen of the Kloof   Su Don-Wauchope **
 1st Iain Don-Wauchope ** Karoline Hanks 
2nd  Ben de Klerk Ronel van Graan 
3rd  Danie de Villiers Sunelle Dunn 
 1st Iain Morshead ** Ansie Breytenbach 
2nd  Andrew Ramakgapola  Susan Meyer 
3rd  Guillaume Nel  Heleen Höll 
 1st Phillip van Niekerk  Linda Icely **
2nd David Janse van Vuuren Robin Sherry
3rd Lawrie Raubenheimer  
1st over Hooggenoeg Iain Don-Wauchope Su Don-Wauchope **

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