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First Snow on Route

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Crackling through the ether ... news that the first snow of the year has fallen on the route.

A light dusting earlier this week 'up top'. 

RhodesRun BorderRoad lightsnow

'Border road' after light snow (Archive photo)

Image courtesy Denise Richards collection © 2010


Not only snow to slow you

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It's not only snow that could hinder your progress on the route.

There will also be some lively species watching you - even if you don't see them!

In addition to the rare Bell River Polar Bear, high-flying Lammergeiers and white-tail-bobbing mountain reedbuck, there is a good chance you could come across a flock of the Eastern Cape's finest !  

RhodesRun 6601

They tend to be rather reluctant to give way on the trail !


'Tis the Seasonal Polar Bear cousin...

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The cousins are visiting --

Shops are full of the Bell River subspecies cousin ....the northern Polar Bear is here

RhodesRun BellRiverPolarBear

The rare and almost endangered Bell River subspecies Polar Bear will make its annual appearance in 198 days time.


Rhodes Vultures Thank Polar Bears

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A group of Rhodes residents not always seen by our visiting runners would also like to express their thanks.

The Rhodes vulture colony is most appreciative of the donations received from the Rhodes runners who purchased a 2014 Rhodes Run Polar Bear Club™ shirt.

Proceeds from the sale of Rhodes Polar Bear Club™ shirts go to the Rhodes Vulture Restaurant. 

In addition to using the funds raised to procure meals (!) for the colony, this year the donations were used to help with the uplifting of meals.

Dave Walker, proprietor of 'Walkerbouts Inn', who manages the Rhodes Vulture Restaurant recently sent this note:

Hi Darrell,
Compliments of the WTA Vulture Project supporters, I’ve modified a bike trailer into a carcass recovery unit!
An 8 ton Warn winch, a 2 ton snatch block and then a bit of design input from Nigel, bright ideas from yours truly, cutting, welding and painting by Butis Letsika on the left, we tested the unit this morning by loading a tree stump – and voila, success!
It needs a few more improvements - steel decking and an ammo box for the power cables etc and then, dead animals in a recoverable state. 
 Rhodes Vulture RecoveryUnit
The Rhodes Vulture Restaurant 'Recovery Unit'
(L-R) Butis Letsika, Nigel Owles, Thabang Lehanya

Note: The rumour that runners who miss the Mavis Bank cut-off are left as vulture fodder is entirely misplaced, well, most of the time!

A few years ago Tony Bold selfishly dragged his bloodied body off the mountain under the clutches of circling, and rather peckish, Lammergeiers who had anticipated an interesting change in diet!

IMG 5248

Image: Sharon McComb Photography 


Thank you for 2014

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RhodesRun2014 Partners

Thanks to all our event partners who assisted us this past year.
Thank you
RhodesRun Crew 2014-1
A very special thanks to our wonderful, and sometimes frozen, crew
10300695 670543623039288
2014 UTi Rhodes Run : Image from Caroline Lee (Snowflake # 1008)
Thank you everyone who joined us in Rhodes this year. Wonderful that you could be with us, and those who experienced our snow, we trust you have fond memories of the day.
 RhodesRun-2014 CraigMuller-5
 Images : Craig Muller (Backyard Adventures) 
Our best wishes to all of you and we hope to see you next year, if not in Rhodes then at one of the other events where we bump into so many of you.

The essence of Mavis #1

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Craig Muller (Backyard Adventures) captures the essence of Mavis ... or does he?

Nope, you definitely need "bleeping" sound to get the true sense of her gradient....  heavy duty sailor language and then some!

After all.....as our friends at Buff® say ...  Flat is boring®

 Mavis2014  jack mark davis-CraigMuller


Happy Feet Dancing

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 Rhodes looking back at 5km
Looking back from the 5km mark on race morning - Will this be the view on 11July?
It sounded like snow on a Rhodes corrugated iron roof, but was 'happy feet' dancing. Some very excited reactions from the first batch who came off the waiting list for 2015.
While no guarantee for next year, the substitution facility on our Forum has worked like a charm these past 9 years with every request being met.
Needless to say the Forum is already active. 

'Bucket List' Opportunity > CLOSED

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WILD CARD Invitation

Tick your 'Bucket List' run in 2015

..... and be in this picture

10524630 877052478990221 46

Image courtesy Craig Muller - Backyard Adventures


UTi has made available a ‘Wild Card’ invitation with all proceeds going to the Zakhele Rhodes Public School.

Your R100 donation to the Rhodes Public School gets you into the draw for an entry to the 2015 UTi Rhodes Run.

And ... the lucky winner will also receive a fantastic Inov-8 Race Pro 12 pack

Inov-8 Race Pro 12

 Pack sponsored by Inov-8

 Inov-8 Logo

Send your name, mobile phone number and confirmation of payment to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Competition payment of R100 to be made to:

Bank  FNB     Account Name  Rhodes Trail Run     Branch Code  211217     Account  6210 1348 391  

Deposit reference  Your name

No cash deposits - EFT only

Closing date for entries Tuesday 17 February 2015
Competition conditions:
• The ‘Wild Card’ invitation will be done by way of a draw. The draw will be monitored by PKF (Port Elizabeth).
• The prize is one (1) ‘Wild Card’ invitation to the 2015 UTi Rhodes Run and one (1) Inov-8 Race Pro 12 pack.
  All incidental costs such as travel, accommodation, meals, drinks etc will be for the winner’s own cost.
• The winner’s completed ‘Wild Card’ competition invitation/entry form to be returned to the organisers no later than 31 March 2015.
• All standard Rhodes Run entry criteria, as stipulated by the event organisers, will apply.
• Draw will take place on Friday 20 February.
• Winner will be notified telephonically, and will be announced on the UTi Rhodes Run website.
• Organisers decision will be final.
Zakhele Rhodes Public School 
Some of the contributions facilitated by the Rhodes Run for the Zakhele Rhodes Public School in recent years:
•  Wall panel heaters installed in every classroom
•  TVs & DVD players in every classroom
•  Sports equipment and sports team uniforms
•  Box libraries – which significantly increased the in classroom & after-hours reading by pupils
•  Educational material for all Grades.
•  Winter clothing for pupils
•  Internet access

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