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Cold runners, warmest hearts

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The current edition of TRAIL magazine (Issue #16) has a piece on the donations our runners and wow)) buy celebrex 200 event partners make each year.

"Don't leave only footprints" when you come to the Rhodes Run is taken to heart, and jolly warm hearts you have as well. Thank you. 

20150903 104232

Page 29 of TRAIL magazine Issue #16 to read the full article.

Once again, huge thanks to all who supported the Zakhele Rhodes Public School this year - especially Apeco, KISCH IP, Apula South Africa, Twizza, UTi 


The Rhodes Run Buff® Collection

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A picture of warmth!

The twenty two variations of Rhodes Run Buff®

1-20150820 093929 -001

A collection going back to 2004.


Celebrating 184 Women

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August is Women's Month in South Africa. 

"South Africa commemorates Women’s Month in August as a tribute to the more than 20 000 women who marched to the Union Buildings on 9 August 1956 in protest against the extension of Pass Laws to women. The Government of South Africa declared August women’s month and 9 August is celebrated annually as Women’s Day."
We celebrate the 184 women who have received their Snowflake Blue Permanent Number at the Rhodes Run.  
 1-IMG  1345    1-1-Rhodes 056
 1-Rhodes 2009        1- 18 0156
 Mariette   Kathy    Lindy   Anita
 Pamela   Jenny    Jean   Audrey
 Anita   Cher   Lexley-Anne   Marie-Lou
 Andrea †   Lynne    Glynny    Elize 
 Lynne   Patsy    Janice    Sue 
 Jeanette   Mandy    Sabrina    Ghola 
 Jenny   Cindy    Sherryl    Veronica 
 Annamarie   Yolanda    Mariana    Lee-Ann
 Esme   Margaret   Pamela    Marinda 
 Barbara   Elsabe    Wendy    Christine
 Noellen   Rai   Daelene   Pat
 Erna   Zelda    Tracy    Sharon 
 1-Roz Gerber 2001    1-003
1- DSC7365    1- DSC5612
 Ingrid   Veryll    Debra-Lee   Jane 
 Annie   Linda    Judith    Susan 
 Sharon   Toni   Gina   Estelle
 Brenda   Jeanette    Elna    Petra 
 Zettie   Gillian   Liz   Margaret
 Sandra   Wendy   Marina   Roelien
 Lynette   Ina   Ann    Paula 
 Letitia   Rina   Chel   Jennifer
 Dawn   Carolynne    Sandy    Helen 
 Cindy   Shelagh    Tia   Winsome 
 1- DSC5394    1-P7220199-6J-1B-112
 1-10646659 751322224925122 7153436715008145458 n    1-LAdy1 C1-U
 Roz   Estelle   Sue   Miema
 Benita   Sabine   Marie   Marieta
 Charmaine   Teresa-Ann   Dassie   Claire
 Petro †   Beverley   Santie   Nikki
 Tammy   Renette   Belinda   Yvette
 Karin   Marlene    Lucille    Suzette 
 Cindy   Liezel    Glenda    Sascha 
 Andrea   Mitzi   Andrea    Jane 
 Erina   Esna   Kathy    Kylie 
 Petra   Dudu   Pam   Kyra
 Lisa   Gail   Elna   Lisl
 Laura   Tammy   Karen   Meggan
   1-IMG 6000  Rhodes09      1-603559 4310052990554 984927402 n
   1- 27 0410      1---- 0428
 Alison   Tracy   Lorette   Samantha
 Maureen   Eliza   Karin   Sarah
 Kirsty   Chelese   Natalie   Annetjie 
 Elise   Svelka    Maryke    Vauneen 
 Belinda   Elna †   Lynne   Caroline
 Louise   Hannelie   Bernadette   Ad
 Belinda   Sonja   Rethie   Charlene
 Charlene   Doortjie   Charmaine   Sandra
 Karen   Ingrid   Sue   Ebeth
 Heleen   Cheryl    Blanche   Susan
 Lauren   Alison    Jana    Jenny 
 Vanessa   Charisse   Julita   Malie
 1- DSC5425    1- DSC5571
 1-Rhodes Prizegiving Shayne vanRensburg    1-IMG 1422-1
 Esther   Maralyn   Isobel   Sibylle
 Claudia   Elizabeth   Jacoba   Diane
 Marinda   Renee   Caroline   Michelle
 Mary-Anne   Lisa   Elize   Barbara
 Lise   Paddy   Robin    Jane 
   1- DSC7585      1- DSC5556
1-1-Rhodes 076   1-F1030033
1-Rhodes2013 MayAnne 1833243355 n   1-1-IMG 2430

Photo credits: Rhodes Run Archives, Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures, Ronald Dunn, Miema Murray, 

 Sharon McComb, Karen de Jager, Sharon Eldridge & others


Life is too short ...

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Life is too short to run only at sea level and on tar

CraigMuller 2015 RhodesRun

1-IMG 3803



Awards 2015

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2015 Rhodes Run Award Recipients

IMG 1848
  IMG 1826
 Su Don-Wauchope : 1st Lady    Iain Don-Wauchope : 1st Man
IMG 1854
  IMG 1852
 Karoline Hanks : 40+    Iain Don-Wauchope : 40+
IMG 1859
  IMG 1864
 Iain Morshead : 50+    Ansie Breytenbach : 50+
IMG 1871
  IMG 1872
 Phillip van Niekerk : 60+    Linda Icely : 60+
IMG 1876
  IMG 1874
 Su Don-Wauchope : Queen of the Kloof    Iain Don-Wauchope : King of the Kloof
1- DSC3287
   'Kisch Krew' from DM Kisch Inc : Best Feed Station
Images courtesy of Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures and Ronald Dunn




Running? Oh yes!

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There was running on 11 July as Iain and Sydney demonstrate

10407488 915641481826528 5776955132503008425 n
  11012362 915641525159857 4845453610918512797 n

And also more la-de-da-ing ... well three out of four is not too bad

11796394 915641805159829 800107244407685137 n

And some stuff that asked to be captured by a lens ...

11058053 915641898493153 8159778447519082472 n
  11755266 915641571826519 6357850232702613285 n
11760072 915641955159814 3726029514994987070 n
  10300971 915641741826502 5866385059531669968 n
11709602 915641848493158 4688440654261277885 n
  11057224 915641405159869 2902698727127063365 n
11751422 915641691826507 6228087663430667534 n
  11223690 915641788493164 7892902097830990559 n

Images courtesy of Sharon McComb


'The Reporter' - Local Runners Finish Strong

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"The Reporter"

24 July 2015 edition

'Local Runners Finish Strong'

A glorious sun rise greeted runners as they lined up for the 27th UTi Rhodes Run. The most significant tourism event in the district had brought over 1000 people to Rhodes. Most were hoping for snow, although some of the runners were nervously wishing for a clear day. Last year’s snow storm, and the biting cold, still fresh in their memory.
The start temperature was a summery +3º. However, the bitter wind on the Lesotho border and along Hooggenoeg Ridge saw a wind chill of -5º, not comfortable for those who had either discarded or disregarded a warm top. They would pay the penalty and a very uncomfortable few hours lay ahead for many.
Notwithstanding the wind, the firm underfoot conditions and www.ecomedia-europe.net relatively warm temperature made for the best running conditions in over ten years. This was underscored with 5 new ‘Best Times’ being set.
The husband and wife team of Iain and Su Iain Don-Wauchope took line honours on their return to the Rhodes Run.
Su created an early buffer and was 4th overall as she claimed the ‘Queen of the Kloof’ title, improving her own best time to the top of Mavis Bank to 2:20:06. Leilani Scheffer chased Su over Mavis but was already more than 20 minutes back. Su pushed on to better her own ‘best time’ over Hooggenoeg, reducing it to 3:41:55.
Maintaining her 20 minute lead back to the village Su took her first Rhodes Run title in 5:09:37, finishing 5th overall. 
Up front Iain Don-Wauchope was not having it all his own way. Local runner Sydney Speelman, was tracking the double Rhodes winner.  Iain and Sydney had built up a 20 minute buffer over third paced Ben Brimble at the top of Mavis Bank, with Iain claiming the ‘King of the Kloof’ title some 3½ minutes ahead of Sydney.
Crossing the style over Hooggenoeg Point together, with Iain edging Sydney, the pair raced down Carlislehoek towards Rhodes. The experienced veteran Iain Don-Wauchope outpaced Sydney Speelman to break the tape for his third Rhodes Run win 2:05 ahead of our hard trying local runner.
Iain’s record of three wins from three starts at Rhodes is nearly eclipsed by the consistency shown by Sydney Speelman at the event.
In five Rhodes starts Sydney has finished 4th (2006), 3rd (2011), 9th (2013, after having served a 60 minute penalty at Mavis Farm) and 3rd in 2014 when he claimed ‘King of the Kloof’.
Sydney was not the only local runner to shine at this edition of the Rhodes Run.
Hylton Dunn, another local runner showing great consistency, enhanced his record at Rhodes of never having finished outside the top four in five starts. Hylton finished 4th in 5:04 this year. Previously Hylton has three 2nd place finishes (2011, 2013 and 2014) and another 4th place finish in 2010. 
Rhodes 2015 appeared to be a year for partners. Sunelle Dunn finished 10th Lady and was presented with a silver medal for her 3rd place in the Ladies 40+ category.
Finishing her third Rhodes Run to claim a well-deserved ‘Snowflake’ blue permanent number was Lise Smith. Slightly ahead of Lise over the finish line was her brother Jacobus who completed his first Rhodes in a very creditable 8:09.
Janneke Leask had a fantastic run for her first experience of the event finishing in 6:13 to claim a Silver medal as 7th Lady overall. Another novice finisher was Jaco Jacobs who ran a very respectable 7:43.
The Ford Ranger support vehicles were busy transporting withdrawn runners back to Rhodes, where the finishers were pampered with a fabulous The North Face top and their traditional bottle of Sedgwick’s Old Brown.
Habitual visitors Sham Singh and Danny Holton completed their 27th Rhodes Run and Sakkie Vlok, Kobus Brand and levitra online canada no prescription Dave Moody crossed the finish line for the 21st time.
At the awards ceremony 35 runners were presented with their prized ‘Snowflake’ permanent number.

'The Reporter' - Run a Huge Success

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"The Reporter"

24 July 2015 edition

"Huge Success for 27th RhodesRun"

The runners who travelled from all over the country proclaimed the 27th UTi Rhodes Run another huge success. The event is well known as being one of the best organised events in the country and the 2015 run lifted the bar even higher. Evie Raubenheimer, one of the organisers, passed on some of the comments received after the event
A runner from the UK said “It was a weekend I'll never forget. I have run a number of big city marathons around the world over the past few years, but I have never run in such a special place, with such a unique atmosphere. From registration to the finish line I had a ball and took away so many amazing memories - the buzz at the start line, the hot coffee and sandwiches at the top of Mavis, the bottle of Old Brown that tasted so good over the following few days!! I know you and your team put a huge amount of work into making the whole thing run so smoothly.”
"I would just like to say thank you again for the amazing opportunity to run the Rhodes Run this year!! It was truly amazing and the toughest thing I ever did. Comrades is NOTHING compared to Rhodes… With regards to difficulty, scenery, feeling of accomplishment and actually just EVERYTHING!! It was an amazing feeling to (complete) this amazing race with my dad."
"Thank you for yet another excellent event and antibiotic drugs weekend –  can’t put my finger on it but you manage to get us to a remote venue, keep us in check with rules and regulations, display delight in bad weather, put us through physical torture along the route, have a waiting list and we want to come back for more…….."
"The race was beautiful, brilliantly organised, long and very, very tough...!"
The Friday evening meal at the Farmers Hall was well supported by the runners and Deidre Gush made sure they were not disappointed. Likewise the Rhodes Christian School made sure that no one went hungry on the Saturday. 
The various feed stations along the route had a relatively comfortable day as weather conditions were so mild. Up on the mountain Dave Walker and Margie & Vassie Murray looked after the weary runners when they came off Hooggenoeg Ridge, while a team from Tiffindell once again assisted at the Check Point when the runners escaped the border road.  The Zakhele Rhodes Public School had representation on the mountain assisting at one of the feed stations.
Hannalie and Francois Nel of “Hamilton” farm maintained their special record as the only feed station team to have assisted on the route for each of the 27 years.
Tony Kietzman was again busy at a feed station while the last feed station at “Den Hagen” was crewed by Johan & Petrie Jordaan and Kobus & Karen Buitendag, family and buy valtrex online uk friends.
The award for ‘Best Feed Station’, as voted by the runners, went to the team from DM Kisch who, with Neil Fivaz, were at the top of Mavis Bank. A veritable oasis before the runners faced the brunt of the wind.

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