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'Old school' and 4:58's

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A few images from our inaugural run in 1989 and the 'old school' canvas tent at the Mavis Bank 'Top' check-point, providing shelter for crew and runners.


There was a gas heater inside the tent to help runners thaw after their sub-zero run through the Kloppershoekkloof. 

Mike Forshaw (seen below in 1989 with his winner's trophy) was the first to reach Mavis 'Top' and first home that year winning in 4:58.

1-winning1strhodeskingandqueenof kloofbeebskoertzen

Twelve years later in 2001 at his 7th Rhodes Run Mike, now wearing Snowflake No 30, was back running another 4:58, this time finishing second behind Johan Oosthuizen.

A 4:58 would have given Mike second spot in 2016.

To bookend with another 4:58. That was Johnny Young's time in 2007 running second to Trevor Toerien.


Some are easier than others

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We have been told, on numerous occassions, that our route is not flat, apparently littered with a number of bumps/undulations before and after Mavis.

Here is one of the easier 'climbs' of the day. The stile at Hooggenoeg Peak.

It is truely downhill from here. Well, almost!

1-VKWuQDv8In9hyg CqFyN1fXtqUhQ8rS8bpHAJhc6YdU

Image: Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures


Why we are not a February run

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The only month during which Rhodes village has not experienced a snowfall is February.

Comes as no surprise that the Rhodes Run is held in July and not in February!

   DMK KishKrew FeedStation
 IMG 6000
 Rhodes 2012 CP1 Robinson

The Class of '16

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Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures reminds us of our Class of '16

CraigFaces of 2016-2


Tony Kietzman caught up with some of them earlier in the day ...






Christmas in October?

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For some, yes!

The first tranche from the waiting list fluttered through the ether in the wee hours this morning and landed gently causing a quickening of pulse and goals to be set. 

What lies in store for the Class of '17?

Note for our novices- Craig never uses a dirty lens. Those splodges are snowflakes, adding something of a briskness to the day. 

IMG 2329

Image: Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures


From first sub-4 to 20th finish

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First sub-4 completes his 20th Rhodes Run

There is always something magical about a 'sub-4' run. It has that special ring to it, more so for a mile but also at the Rhodes Trail Run. 

After carrying out a full reconnaissance of the route in 1990 when he finished 12th, Jannie le Roux shook the race by the roots of its rose-hip bushes the following year when he rampaged to the Finish at the Gideon Naude Bridge over the Tinternspruit with a new best time of 3:56 to become the first person to complete the course in less than 4 hours.

It was not until 1995 that anyone else went sub-4 at Rhodes when fresh from his 2nd place at the Comrades Marathon, Charl Mattheus ran 3:51

Jannie and Charl are the only two runners to run sub-4 at Rhodes. Charl's 3:51 remains the 'best time' on the old route and to date no-one has run sub-4 on the 'Ridge route'.

Jannie is also one of only four runners to go sub-2 to the top of 'Mavis Bank' His 1991 'King of the Kloof' time of 1:57:15 remains the second fastest to the 'Mavis' Check Point. Again only one person has run quicker. Dirkie Moolman with his 1995 record of 1:53:00. Dirkie was 'King of the Kloof' in 1995 when Charl went on to win.

Snowflake Permanent number 47 has been proudly carried by Jannie since 1993.

  1-Scan Pic0008-001
   Jannie with winner's trophy 1991  

Roll on to 2016 and Jannie le Roux became the 6th person to complete the Rhodes Trail Run 20 times. 

  1-IMG 6225
    1-IMG 6464
  Jannie tackles Mavis (L) & Hooggenoeg (R) on his 20th Rhodes Trail Run 2016

Those who have completed the Rhodes Run on 20 occasions (number of finishes in brackets)

  Sham Singh (28)  #13 
  Danny Holton (28)  #14
  Sakkie Vlok (22)  #214
  Kobus Brand (21)  #181 
  Dave Moody (21)  #223
  Grobbie (Johan) Grobler  (20)  #34
  Jannie le Roux (20)  #47
  Shane Hinchliffe (20)  #210
  Guillaume Nel (20)  #333

Images: 1991 - Rhodes Trail Run archives; 2016 - Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures


Everyone looks back on 'Mavis'

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At some stage while going up 'Mavis' everyone has a look back - it is an acceptable reason to pause, vomit gently, let the heart-rate drop below 200, and mutter somewhat ... and there is the view

1-IMG 6308-2
  1-IMG 6199-2
Kim and JP look back
1-IMG 6151-2
  1-IMG 6128
 1-IMG 6333
   1-IMG 6326-2
 Is Guillaume on his own on 'Mavis'?    No, not quite...
1-IMG 6174
Not everyone looks back ... if you have a 'selfie-stick' it's a casual shot over the shoulder, not so Reader!

A photo-essay by Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures


Tight competition at Rhodes

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1-IMG 6660   1-Craig 6741 Peter Cross
1-IMG 6680-001   1-IMG 6652
1-IMG 6787

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