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Two decades and wow)) buy celebrex 200 still King

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The gauntlet has been thrown. 

Will anyone in our Class of 2017 pick it up? Will someone improve on Dirkie Moolman's 1995 time to the top of Mavis Bank?

A 'course best' of 1:53 for 21km seems almost pedestrian. After all, when last was 1:53 not only good enough to be the fastest ever time over 21km, but to have stood as a course 'best' for over 20 years? 

MavisBank as-seen-by Craig Muller2

Rhodes Run 2014 Greg Raubenheimer-001

Over the past two decades there have been many Kings (and Queens) of the Kloof. Some have held the front spot to go on and be first back to the village, while others have paid the price for their early lung-bruising triumph through the levitra online canada no prescription Kloppershoekkloof.

Certainly a 21km run of 1:53 does not sound spectacular as a 'best time'. However, since Rodwell Sims in 1996 no-one has reached the Mavis Check Point in under 2 hours. That magical sub-2 hour run through the kloof remains the domain of only four runners, one of whom will line up this year for his 21st Rhodes Run, although it is unlikely that Jannie le Roux will be looking to repeat his 1:57 effort of 1991.

Will a sub-2 be under threat this year? Some of the tracks through the kloof are far more runnable now compared with when Dirkie set his mark but to crack that barrier still remains dependant on legs, lungs and weather all playing their part.

By 9a.m. on 8 July we will know if Mavis has smiled kindly on our 'King of the Kloof' or if Dirkie's time will remain the 'best' for another year.

Images: Craig Muller (Backyard Adventures) catches Mavis Bank on a clear morning in 2014 - a few hours later snow covered Mavis Bank 

The second set of 2014 photographs were taken by Greg Raubenheimer 'up high' when the weather changed 

For all 'Best Times' see here


A cheeky memory

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So ... at a Park Run this weekend, these two old geezers, one has a pacemaker the other is a stroke survivor, were nattering away oblivious to anyone and everyone around them.

Talk gravitated to the Rhodes Run and 'those runs' and post-run activities in the previous century. Turns out each has a two-digit Snowflake Number.

Anyway, the comment that appeared to catch the antibiotic drugs attention of those in earshot was "...didn't recognise you with your pants on". Nothing to do with the Polar Bear Club, as one may have reasonably thought, but to that infamous 1991 image from 'up high'. The, er, background to the image is laid bare on page 5 of our 25th Anniversary Commemorative book.

One of the geezers had been part of the head-covered-by-shorts trio ... and also happened to be one of the original Rhodes Run Polar Bears in 1990. Nuf said!

That 1991 image, which 'cheekily' appeared in our 25th Anniversary book ...

DSC 2051


From small seeds ...

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The donations of and towards the purchase of seed for the Zakhele Rhodes Public School vegetable garden last year has had fantasticresults.

From small seeds ... healthy, sustaining vegetables grow ... which nourish our children.

Here are a few images of the veggie garden snapped when the Rhodes Run Team visited recently.

Those turnips have done very well, they are huge!

The Easter Bunny visited while the children were away, so there was a pleasant surprise for them when classes resumed. 

IMG-20170415-WA0004 1
photo 2017-04-24 18-17-56
Images: Rhodes Run Team













Zakhele Wild Card - 2nd Draw

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In November last year Robbie White was the fortunate entrant who won the Zakhele Rhodes Public School Wild Card competition.

Sadly Robbie has withdrawn, which meant a redraw.

Haidee de Villiers steps up and is the buy valtrex online uk lucky runner drawn.


Hope that you have a memorable day with us Haidee.


Your First Choice Wild Card

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Has to be one of the easiest Wild Card opportunities to join us in July. Definitely the tastiest.


And this year First Choice is including a cracker of a product hamper. 

FirstChoice WildCard2017

A free entry to the 2017 Rhodes Run and a First Choice hamper. Well, what are you waiting for? Competition details here  


Winter has arrived

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The village is not quite snow-covered as in this image taken from 'Walkerbouts', but after ten consecutive nights of minus temperatures, with the best 'on the route' approaching minus 9°C, we can make the call that winter has arrived in Rhodes.

1-Rhodes 6June2014-Walkerbouts

Rhodes village June 2014

Image courtesy of 'Walkerbouts Inn'


Wild Card from Organ Donor Foundation

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Head over to the Organ Donor Foundation page on Facebook for details here

Do two really good things, register as an organ doror and run the Rhodes Trail Run this year


Wild Card Winner

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Congratulations Magz de la Kethulle Ryhove

Magz is the lucky runner drawn by David Robertson of PKF (Port Elizabeth) earlier this morning and www.ecomedia-europe.net will be joining us in July.

Hope you have a terrific day with us Magz

Thank you everyone who participated.


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