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Whether the weather?

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Let’s hope for conditions that keep sane people indoors 

60D IMG 4675

Image: Hooggenoeg Check Point Rhodes Run 2014 - From a clear sky at the start to 'white out'


Route to Rhodes

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RoadtoRhodes 0352

If this is your first time travelling to the antibiotic drugs district we suggest that you make use of a 'traditional' paper map when planning your route. In recent years GPS systems have taken first-timers on rather adventurous routes, not always ending up in Rhodes.

Those unable to stay in Rhodes must please note that high speed travelling is not possible on the dirt roads, and need to give themselves adequate time to reach the start.

RoadtoRhodes 681


The road is rather 'bumpy' in places. Local farmers take umbrage if a motorist hits one of their sheep, even if it is hidden in a corrugation!

Petrol & diesel are not available in Rhodes. You are advised to fill up your vehicles' fuel tank before starting your last leg to Rhodes.


All Roads lead to Rhodes ...

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Road2Rhodes 048
Road2Rhodes 049
Road2Rhodes 051
Road2Rhodes 054
Road2Rhodes 050
Road2Rhodes DSC05086

The Kloof has resisted for over 20 years

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As a 21km 'best time' it seems almost pedestrian. After all, when last was 1:53 good enough to be the fastest ever time over 21km? 

And how many 21km 'best times' have stood for over 20 years?

Thoughts for our Class of 2016, and others, to ponder.

in 1995 Dirkie Moolman blitzed through the kloof to claim the 'King of the Kloof' trophy at the Mavis Check Point in 1:53.

MavisBank as-seen-by Craig Muller2

Over the buy valtrex online uk past 20 years there have been many Kings of the Kloof. Some have held the front spot to go on to be first back to the village, while others have paid the price for their early triumph through the Kloppershoekkloof.

Certainly a 21km run of 1:53 does not sound spectacular as a 'best time'. However, since 1995 no-one has reached the Mavis Check Point in under 2 hours. That magical sub-2 hour run through the kloof remains the sole domain of Dirkie Moolman.

Will it be under threat this year? Some of the tracks through the kloof are much more runnable now compared to when Dirkie set his mark but to crack that time hurdle still remains dependant on legs, lungs and wow)) buy celebrex 200 weather all playing their part.

By 9 a.m. on 9 July we will know if Mavis has smiled kindly on our 'King of the Kloof' or if Dirkie's time remains the 'best' for another year.

Images: Craig Muller (Backyard Adventures) catches Mavis Bank on a clear morning - a few hours later that slope was bedecked with snow!

For all 'Best Times' see here


Mavis, Bless Her!

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Last month we shared this reminder with our entrants, but it was the replies from some 'seasoned Polar Bears', aka Mavis Lovers, which we enjoyed.
The initial note was in response to questions from novices about the cut-off at the top of Mavis Bank.
Mavis is a 'bit' of a climb, coming after 20km. 
This extract from the Rules – 
Qualifying Time: You do not have to run a ‘qualifying time’ before you enter the Rhodes Run 
However, you need to be able to comfortably complete a ‘fast flat road’ 21km in less than 2:15 – 2:30 in order to make the border Check Point cut-off of 4½ hours. Any slower and there is a good chance you’ll be riding down the mountain in a recovery vehicle 
At that pace it will still be a serious push to beat the 9 hour cut-off at the Finish 
As you'll read in the 'News' item tomorrow in 27 years only one person has ever gone sub- 2 hours to the top of Mavis. Only one !  
Don’t underestimate those first 21km. And of course you have not reached the halfway mark at the top of Mavis.
The best thing about Mavis, other than the views, is that you will be welcomed warmly by our fabulous team at the feed station, Kisch IP Krew – they know how to pamper you!
1-DMK-KischKrew-Chairmans Award2015
Kisch IP Krew - Best Feed Station 2015
The replies, from novices and Mavis veterans alike, came in at a rush!
The best ones
“You should have been a Politician putting the hard work getting to the top of Mavis so “diplomatically”
I would have said: “Be very fit, Mavis is going to cut you down to size and if not fit enough, she’s going to eat you alive and spit you out – Beware!!” 
Ah! Looking forward to my yearly encounter with her! “
“I have no idea how many times novices have asked me on one of the early bumps in the trail: "Is this Mavis Bank?"  If you have to ask, it isn't.” 

St Dominic's Priory School Outreach - Rhodes Public School

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The organisers of the Rhodes Run arranged that a group of St Dominic's Priory School (Port Elizabeth) pupils recently spent time in Rhodes on an Outreach Mission at the Zakhele Rhodes Public School.

In addition to repainting the inside and outside of the smaller classroom building at the school, they installed door handles on all classroom doors, set up shelving in the staff room, installed the four wall heaters which had been donated by the Rhodes Run and installed ceiling trim in the Grade 4 classroom. They also replaced glass windows in various classrooms and www.ecomedia-europe.net installed a window at the soup kitchen as well as putting up educational posters for the Grade 4 children.

The big surprise for the Rhodes Public School staff and pupils was the donation by Priory of 6 computers which were installed and set up before the Outreach returned to Port Elizabeth.
The Priory children also played three soccer matches against Rhodes Public School and visited a nearby farm to view and learn about San rock art. They also increased their skill base by learning how to milk a cow.
Some of the comments from the Priory pupils on leaving Rhodes:
“Thank you for the wonderful past few days and for the hospitality. My first experience at Rhodes has been truly amazing and I can’t wait to return again!”
“It was a great new experience”
“It was honestly one of the most eye-opening coolest experiences and levitra online canada no prescription thank you for putting up with us hoards of teenagers”
“This has been a trip to remember and I look forward to coming again”
“This trip was seriously humbling and I will remember it”
“There is nothing in the world I would give to replace this trip”
“The school kids really made my holiday and touched my heart. The work was hard, but so very worth it.”
 DSC 0484    DSC 0483
  20160620 003204    DSC 0560
Wall heater, before    
 photo 2016-06-26 17-06-58    photo 2016-06-26 17-07-02
..after, the new wall heater...    ...and posters
 DSC 0487
  425421824 30925
 New Windows...   ...new friends... 
DSC 0403
  811713480 77716
...old windows...   ...and new windows
 1-DSC 0523
   1-DSC 0533 girls team-001
The four girls teams   
 1-DSC 0537
   DSC 0544
 The two boys teams    Twizza fun!
 DSC 0548
  DSC 0553
 New skills    San rock art

Don't expect hot water

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 frozen-tap 1821521b
Here is a useful tip for those of you who are going to blitz the route on the 9th.
Don't expect hot water, or even running water for that matter, if you finish before midday. Water freezes when it's cold, you would have noticed that when you crossed the rivers and at the feed stations, and frozen water just does not flow through pipes. So, no hot showers, and maybe no showers or baths until the afternoon.
Of course those of you who have been to Rhodes before know this...but please tell your family who will be in Rhodes while you have fun scrambling over the hills - they will probably not be able to go 'home' to a hot bath after the start.  Help them  to have an enjoyable morning without worrying about a morning bath - suggest they visit the Farmer's Hall or are well stocked with steaming hot coffee and/or OB while you are away!

Official 7th 'Feed Station'

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We are very pleased to confirm that once again 'Walkerbouts' is the 'official' seventh feed station.

'Walkerbouts', coincidently, specialises in post-race-relaxation-rehydration-therapy.

'Cheers!'    'Slainte!'    'Prost!'    'Salute!'    'Za vashe zdorovye!'    'Thankshjalot!'






Note to novices: There are six feed stations before the finish line...


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