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Images from 2016

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IMG 6061-2
  IMG 6068
 Hylton Dunn in front from the get-go    Iain Morshead on 'Mavis'
 IMG 6080-2
   IMG 6104-2
 Semi-interested spectators    
 IMG 6232-2
   IMG 6196-2
 IMG 6151-2
   IMG 6153
'Mavis' is not always the fun part
IMG 6170
  IMG 6171
IMG 6227-2
  IMG 6251
 IMG 6141-2
   IMG 6193
 Lawrie Raubenheimer on buy valtrex online uk 'Mavis'    See Mavis...it'll be fun they said
 IMG 6222
   IMG 6059-2
 1-IMG 6378
   IMG 6198
 Fun they said, running they said ...    'Mavis' always easier in 4x4 mode
 IMG 6207
   IMG 6210
KISCH IP Krew Check Point at 'Mavis Top'
IMG 6738
  IMG 6772
    Father & daughter enjoying another Rhodes finish together
IMG 6810
  IMG 6821
1-Craig 6741 Peter Cross
  IMG 6843

All images : Craig Muller - Backyard Adventures


Check Point #1

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IMG 2392
   IMG 2423
 IMG 2411
   IMG 2448
 IMG 2407
   IMG 2561
 IMG 2454
   IMG 2387
 IMG 2575
   IMG 2439
 IMG 2577
   IMG 2579
 IMG 2584
   IMG 2599

All images : Tony Kietzman | Rhodes Trail Run


Runner Support

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In good (snow, sleet) or bad (windless, dry) weather our runners always need support. The minus 9°C start, thin air 'up top', the somewhat uneven Hooggenoeg Ridge all took it's toll one way or another this year and wow)) buy celebrex 200 without our generous event partners the day would be slightly more challenging for our runners, and for our crew.

Standing applause for

1-BUFF logo for Sports line RGB transparent    FordGoFurther
 FirstChoice new April 2012-ribbon
  KISCH IP Identity
 ECM Logo 1-DSC 0742
   Apula South Africa Logo 2014-1
 1-LlamaBar Original-bar
   Wintergreen Logo
 1-DSV logo RGBminimumspace
   1-Ironman Logo
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1-photo 2016-06-06 13-13-26
  1-Walkerbouts Logo 1 new
Neopak 2
Rhodes Information Centre & local community 

2016 - Awards

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1-IMG 6852
1-Dunn Prize-giving Craig Muller-001
  1-Scheffer Prize-giving Craig Muller
1st Open Men Hylton Dunn   1st Open Ladies (& 3rd Overall) Leilani Scheffer
1-IMG 6898
   1-IMG 6904
1st 40+ David Laithwaite   1st 40+ Barene Jankovich-Besan
1-Iain Morshead Prize-giving Craig Muller    1-IMG 6916
1st 50+ Iain Morshead (New Best Time)   1st 50+ Annetjie Strydom
1-IMG 6922
  1-IMG 6928
1st 60+ Lawrie Raubenheimer (New Best Time)   1st 60+ Linda Icely (New Best Time)
1-Craig 6970 Kisch Krew
Best Feed Station - Kisch IP Krew (Anola, Ruan, Tammi, Milli & Rob)
 1-IMG 6094-2
   1-photo 2016-07-15 19-58-29
 King of levitra online canada no prescription the www.ecomedia-europe.net Kloof Hylton Dunn    Queen of the Kloof Leilani Scheffer
1-IMG 6765
Best 70+ Finisher Peter Cross (208th in 8:39)
All Images (other than Queen of the Kloof) Craig Muller - Backyard Adventures

We are not ...

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Those of you who are not following us on Twitter could have missed this series of tweets early last week (before race day) so we have consolidated them with a photo of the banner you would have passed as you neared the false top on your way up 'Mavis'


We are not the toughest... not the highest... not the biggest... not the longest... not the most challenging... not the most gnarly...

...but, we were running trail & throwing folk up 'sub-zero' trackless hills before it was popular...

... sometimes have a bitterly cold wind... sometimes a blizzard...and always fun, as 'all r̶o̶a̶d̶s trails lead to Rhodes'

photo 2016-07-13 10-26-30


Headline Results 2016

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One of our more 'runnable' Rhodes Runs, with pretty much perfect underfoot conditions and not a puff of wind, not even over Lesotho View.

The 'older generation' runners made the most of antibiotic drugs the firm footing as the number of 'Best Times' show.

There were 294 starters, 254 finishers and 30 Snowflake permanent numbers awarded. 'Headline' results are (** denotes new Best Time):

  Men Ladies
1st Hylton Dunn  Leilani Scheffer (3rd overall)
2nd Iain Morshead Barene Jankovich-Besan (22nd overall)
3rd Ruan van der Merwe Herme Visser (24th overall)
King of the Kloof Hylton Dunn   
Queen of the Kloof   Leilani Scheffer
 1st David Laithwaite Barene Kankovich-Besan 
2nd  Ben de Klerk Ronel van Graan 
3rd  Andrew MacKenzie Erina du Toit
 1st Iain Morshead ** Annetjie Strydom 
2nd  Hayden Wood Glenda Badenhorst
3rd  Johan van Staden Riana Vorster 
 1st Lawrie Raubenheimer **  Linda Icely **
2nd Toine van den Oever Thelma O'Donnell
3rd David Janse van Vuuren  Joan de Klerk
1st over Hooggenoeg Hylton Dunn Leilani Scheffer

Race Date 2017

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The date to circle in your diary is Saturday 8 July 2017.



Driving on snow & ice

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Ford Ranger Snow 2457

It's what everyone coming to the Rhodes Run hopes for, snow!

Fun, if a bit tricky, for running, but potentially nerve wracking for driving.

Arrive Alive prepared a very useful note on guidelines for winter driving, and driving on snow and ice.

Recommended reading if you are visiting Rhodes this winter. Read article here.


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