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Mugging for water frowned upon!

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Question: Do we think the use of a hydration pack is necessary?
YES, you do need to have a hydration pack (be it bottles on a belt or a bladder).
The feeding stations are geared to be set up about 10km apart, but conditions on race day could determine that there could well be more than 10km between feed stations, over rough terrain & at altitude
Even if they are set up as planned you will still need to carry water. While there will be spot checks for space blankets and whistles (with immediate time penalty if both are not carried) we do not enforce mandatory carrying of hydration packs. But clearly it is not advisable to start the event without some form of hydration pack.
We frown on folk mugging fellow runners for their water!
You’ll enjoy the views much more if you can appreciate them without dehydration induced black spots flickering in front of your eyes!
Top Tip: Fill your hydration pack/bottles on Friday evening as water pipes could be frozen on Saturday.

Most desired ... least wanted

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At the top of Mavis your legs and lungs may suggest that you have been up a 'conversation stopper'.

Sometimes it is quite a scamper up those last few tussocks to beat the cut, heart racing from the leg heavy climb and eyes flickering desperately, watching the time-keeper. Miss the cut and it's day over. A slow drive back to the village.

This is where one of the most desired awards at the UTi Rhodes Run awaits. Most desired but least wanted.  

Cut Off blanket 2015

At the top of Mavis Bank you will meet the team from DM Kisch Inc, the 'Kisch Krew', who provide nourishment and encouragement.

DM Kisch also has the task of presenting the 'Cut-off' blanket to the first person who misses the 4½ hour cut.

As Joe Louis is often quoted "Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die"... on Mavis it is a case of "Everybody wants that one-of-a-kind embroidered fleece blanket, but nobody wants to receive it".



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Substitutions for the 2015 UTi Rhodes Run close at 12:00 noon on Wednesday 17 June.




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Congratulations Lee-Anne Gow and Peter Purchase who proved themselves #buffenough and are the recipients of the Buff® Wild Card invitations.

BUFF logo Sports line

Look forward to seeing you in the village.


Polar Bear Club shirts available

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Official UTi Rhodes Trail Run Polar Bear Club™ and our "All roads ... " shirts are now available

If you have or intend to crack the ice and brave the icy Bell River this is for you

A PB Tshirt
Polar Bear 2015-tshirt

The supporter friendly, and runner wannahave, "All roads ... " shirt

All Roads Tshirt
All Roads t-shirt 2015


To place your order or to get more information go This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Thanks *Studio Princess* Apula South Africa for the artwork


We have a winner...

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The winner of the Rhodes Christian School Wild Card is Pieter Foord.

Probably his best Tuesday morning phone call ever!

RhodesChristianSchool Draw winner2015

In addition to his Wild Card invitation to the 2015 UTi Rhodes Run, Pieter will have his accommodation taken care of by the Rhodes Christian School and the local community will give Pieter a sheep to take home.

Congratulations Pieter!

Thank you everyone who entered and supported the Rhodes Christian School, with special thanks to UTi who made this possible.

See you in 44 days Pieter.


Voluntary Seeding

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It has always been unofficial policy, but this year will see the formal introduction of voluntary seeding.

The Zakhele Rhodes Public School has a vegetable garden used to supplement the school feeding scheme.

Runners are encouraged, on a voluntary basis!, to bring a few packets of seeds to donate to the school.

Voluntary seeding ... always makes it so much easier for everyone.


Of course, supporters can contribute as well. This voluntary seeding is not only about the runners!


Walkerbouts & Pre Race Dinner

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Walkerbouts sunset rainbow

'Walkerbouts' - at the end of the rainbow


The older Polar Bears know this, but with, as usual, over 30% of the field first timers a 'heads-up' is needed. Those wanting to enjoy a meal at the always very popular 'Walkerbouts' on the Friday or Saturday evening must please make a reservation by Friday, 3 July 2015.

Phone Laetitia or Marie on 045 974 9290.

And don't forget to order your 'take-away' oysters in advance.


A scrumptious Rhodes-grown lamb dinner guaranteed to help you up Mavis and over Lesotho View, prepared by the local farming community, will be on sale in the Farmer's Hall on the Friday evening from 6pm (where registration takes place) and all sorts of lekker munchies will be on sale there all day Saturday. 


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