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Bleat-o-meter Technology

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Fishermen, runners and http://www.drame.hr/viagra-sales-by-country dare we say custodians of nuclear buttons all have at least one thing in common. They can be prone to shall we say, slight exaggeration. In the same way that eight months on the Rhodes Run waiting list feels like an eternity, or at least as long as three years, so rainbow trout can be stretched by carefully extending arms towards a lens and slight inclines become never-ending mountains of immense pain.

While trout can be measured honestly by scale and tape, bumps in a trail are a somewhat different fish.

Enter the www.sanagustindelguadalix.net recently ™'d Bleat-o-meter.

An unsympathetic device that clandestinely converts gasps from asthma pump free sucking lungs into a measure of beats per minute, correction, into bleats per minute.

The range of the early Bleat-o-Meter was limited. But thanks to ground-breaking ground vibration technology bleats can now be monitored, and recorded, as far back as the river crossing when bleaters, er runners enter the Kloppershoek kloof.

1-TaGZhNxYt-nwvk6SjhLvI6WgSW-xHvN840VVBq9Fs 0
 1-IMG 6126
 1-IMG 6087

Not everyone bleats in the kloof. Veteran Polar Bears have a tendency to grunt more than bleat, with their grunts echoing through the valley, startling early morning browsing mountain rhebuck.

The Kisch Krew at the Mavis Top check point will be monitoring their Bleat-o-meters™ and loved ones waiting in Rhodes village will be able to follow, and possibly identify the http://fecormad.es/viagra-24-hour-delivery-uk bleats using the Bleat app available at registration.

1-IMG 6104-2


Note: Bleat (noun) a cry of pain or anguish

 All images: Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures


iziCathulo Update

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Thank you everyone who has already contributed to our iziCathulo project. Your donations are keeping the project right on track.

We loved the comment Ingrid Norman made with her recent donation

"A worthy cause because everyone deserves a good pair of shoes in order to stand tall... "

iziCathulo is up and running with the first batch of shoes having arrived at the Rhodes Run Base HQ. Leather school shoes are not available in the small sizes for the littlies, those in Grade Pre, so we have black takkies for them until they fit into the smaller leather shoes. We will have extra pairs of the smaller sizes and as their feet grow 'proper' school shoes will be waiting for them. On seeing these small takkies one of our Team iziCathulo international runners exclaimed "they are cute enough to make keyrings".

photo 2018-03-14 15-05-24

The first batch of iziCathulo shoes

"almost keyring size"

To make a donation to iziCathulo please go to our BackaBuddy page here https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/rhodes-run-for-izicathulo-project


ODF Wild Card for 2018

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The Organ Donor Foundation has a complimentary Wild Card invitation to the 2018 Rhodes Run, and it could be yours.

Two easy steps will put you in line to experience the 30th Rhodes Run:

  • Register as a donor with the ODF. If you are not a registered donor, then follow this link ODF Registration
  • Send your name, date of birth and mobile phone number on or before Saturday 7 April 2018 (the Closing date) to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  You may submit a maximum of two (2) entries


Competition conditions:

• The ‘Wild Card’ invitation will be done by way of a draw. The draw will be made by the Organ Donor Foundation
• The prize is one (1) ‘Wild Card’ invitation to the 2018 Rhodes Run. No entry fee will be payable
    All incidental costs such as travel, meals, accommodation, drinks etc will be for the winner’s own cost
• The 'Wild Card' is not transferable
• The draw will take place on Wednesday 11 April 2018
• The winner’s completed ‘Wild Card’ competition invitation/entry form to be returned to the organisers no later than 19 April 2018. Failure to do so and the result of the first draw will be void and cialis fast delivery usa a second draw will take place. Should the winner not be in a position to participate after submitting his/her entry form, then a second draw will take place, provided the closing date for event entries has not passed
• All standard Rhodes Run entry criteria, as stipulated by the event organisers, will apply
• Winner will be notified telephonically, and will be announced on the Rhodes Run website
• Organisers decision will be final
New ODF Logo

A Champion Road Trip

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We are told that when two Rhodes Run champions took a road trip this past weekend it did not take long for their common trail to become a focal discussion point. 

One, who has multiple Rhodes Run titles under his belt gently referred to the other who has one win to his name as a 'Rhodes novice'. Novice or not, no denying that both have been infected by, what the senior statesman refers to as the 'Rhodes virus'.
Apparently on their road trip "the subject kept returning to Rhodes…the ultimate road trip".
"The conversation was filled with words known only to those privileged to be associated with our special race .. Mavis, tufts of terror, Polar Bear, Evie’s admin, Hooggenoeg, Tiffindell, Naude’s Nek, Walkabouts…"   
Road Trip Champs 2
Craig Muller's image above shows our two road trip champions on Mavis last year. Sadly, only one will be racing in July, but both are looking forward to their road trip to Rhodes.
After all ...
1-All Roads t-shirt 2015

At her kindest she's unfriendly

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For many with legs firm and toned from countless carefully logged miles under sun and over sand the Rhodes Run cut-off of four-and-a-half-hours at twenty-one-kilometres is as pedestrian as reading this when typed without using digits.

After all, back in the day when plimsolls ruled the road the slowest 26 mile, 42.2km for our metric readers, qualifying times for those epic South African tar runs were set at 4:15 and 4:30. And everyone managed those.

Yet here is a quirky event in a remote corner with a four-and-a-half-hour cut-off at twenty-one-kilometres. And seemingly no-one can run a sub-two-hour.


Typo? Altitude error? 

There is even an 'award' for the first runner who reaches the check point on the wrong side of 4½ hours. A memento. A blanket. Apparently for warmth, but whispers are that it is to hide and soak up tears.

A second cursory glance, this time at the route profile, reveals only one hill. Well a few undulations, but only one trifling bump. And the Route Director has the temerity to refer to it as a 'conversation stopper', a phrase apparently taken from his pre-dawn training runs in Westville with a blind runner, but we digress.

Perspective. Always a good thing is perspective. 

No more cursory glances, time to delve into this aberration of time and distance. 

History reveals perspective. Over the past 29 years that check point has been used 27 times. On two occasions severe snowfalls kept the route, and the runners, in the snow crusted valley. Of those 27 years only four runners have reached that check point in under two hours. Only four! And one super-being, Dirkie Moolman, achieved the feat on two occasions. Dirkie holds the best time to reach the Mavis Top check point, for that is how she is referred to in polite company, of 1:53. Pedestrian by conventional tar standards, but in the hills under Ben MacDhui it is a best time that has stood since 1995 at the seventh edition of the event and we sit on the cusp of the 30th. 

The second-best time was set by Jannie le Roux in 1991. He went on to win that year by almost 30 minutes having crested Mavis in 1:57 and a few pennies and was back in the village in under 4 hours. He was stepping out of his shower and http://www.online-fundraising.org/where-to-buy-viagra-forum many had not reached the top of Mavis.

Jannie recorded three wins at Rhodes. Interestingly his sequence broken by names well known at that longer run commemorating soldiers of the Great War. Taking line honours in 1991 and again in 1992 Jannie deferred, as did the entire field, to Deon Holtzhausen who took the win in 1993. Jannie reclaimed the title in 1994 with Charl Mattheus taking the honours in 1995.

Jannie runs with the prestigious mauve Snowflake No 47 and will be heading out for his 22nd Rhodes Run on 7 July.

Jannie's mauve Snowflake number

We have digressed. Back to that pedestrian twenty-one. 

Somewhere between the village and the Mavis Top check point, admittedly hidden in a swirl of murky myth and legend, lies an incline. An incline that apparently brings out fierce naval language. Language which drifts down to the Kloppershoekspruit and, so we are told, is best left in the valley. 

1-Klippies in the Kloof  Race Day 2001- Peter Hattingh 1-First runners through Klippies water point 2001Peter Hattingh
'Klippies' overnighting in the Kloppershoek kloof and their first customers 

There was a time when the 'Klippies' from St Dominic's Priory School (Port Elizabeth) set up camp in the kloof and provided a brief respite. Now rest breaks before reaching the check point are optional, but seemingly mandatory. Always useful to point a lens at some far-off object, it gives the rest a degree of purpose, and dignity.


If Comrades gold medallists 'Waltzing' Dave Wright, Deon Holtzhausen, Charl Mattheus, Sarel Ackerman and Johan Oosthuizen did not dip under 2 hours on their way to a win or top ten finish at Rhodes then maybe that pedestrian 4½ is not so pedestrian after all.

It would seem that at her kindest, Mavis is unfriendly.

1-Scan Pic0008
1-IMG 6464
Jannie le Roux
Having set new best times for Mavis Top & overall - 1991 Hooggenoeg Ridge - 2016

Petard Trophy up for grabs

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Heavy hearts all round.

It was with heavy hearts we received a note from a heavy-hearted Snowflake Number 368 Peter Cross that he would not be defending the Petard Trophy this year. Peter completed his 16th Rhodes Run last year as a sprightly 71-year-old. An inspiration to many a quarter of his age.

Plans have been laid and D.V. in 2019 Peter will be back to reclaim his 'Petard' crown.

1-IMG 6221

For those who are not up to speed on the background to our Petard Trophy, click here for more details.

1-photo 2018-02-27 09-35-20

It all means that the Petard Trophy will have a new winner's name engraved on it after 8 July.

Image: Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures


Matchmaking Online - Update

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Today, 31 January, was an entry cut-off for one of our invitation tranches, which meant a predictable flurry on our Forum as invitees scrambled for a nominee.

One of the successful recipients was our '42-year-old looking for a date with Mavis ...'

If you missed the article, read here 

We are always pleased when our Forum works its magic and were particularly thrilled when our trail equivalent of Cupid did his thing and http://minnalfm.rtm.gov.my/minnal/index.php/online-medications-cialis/ found a suitable match for Eddie, probably with some help from Leapy Lee.

Not sure where Leapy Lee fits in? His 1968 hit predates even the Rhodes Run. Some of his Cupidesque lyrics are 

"So why not face it and admit

That you love those little arrows

When they hurt a little bit"
Having read the original article, you will find one line from Leapy Lee's hit that will resonate
"Oh Oh Oh the pain"
Yip, we relate, on Mavis we relate big time!
IMG 6198
IMG 6073

Images: Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures


Matchmaking Online

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No prizes for guessing where this request was spotted.

"42-year-old male looking for a date with Mavis"

On our Forum, where successful matches are made every year.

The matches are successful, but the partnerships, more often than not, are frightfully painful. Much naval-type language is frequently overheard, and often extreme displeasure is shared. Frankly, the majority of the relationships tend to be one-off encounters. Ultimately, after 8-or-so hours of close, intimate companionship the compatibility factor misses the mark. Some end badly, very badly. Absolute crash and burn stuff. Sadly, sometimes never to be attempted again.

But folk being folk, there are always girls and boys looking for that fantasy experience, hoping for that memorable date.

All that said, our Forum has set up some amazing matches over the years. We have had gold medal results, and matches which have ended with broad smiles and promises of a second date. 

Craig Muller braved our thin air and captured a few of our recent successful 'blind dates' as they approached dear Lady Mavis.

We love spotting them through Craig's lens.

IMG 5603
IMG 5617
IMG 5621
IMG 5597

It is an interesting phenomenon.

Bleating to get a date with Mavis, and whimpering on meeting her.

IMG 5624

All images courtesy Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures

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