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If you were fortunate to receive an invitation to the 31st Breathtaking Trail Run and are looking for a bed for the weekend here is a link to a list of accommodation options.

Your first call should be to ever friendly Margie Murray, who looks after the Rhodes Information office



1st Tranche Closed

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That is it, entries have closed for invitations from the first tranche



Our Gold Double recipient

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Benita Joubert received the 'gold' Double Award for 2018.


Congratulations Benita!


Raubenheimer Double 2018

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The 30th Rhodes Trail Run & the 10th Baviaanskloof Trail Run
1-1-Rhodes Snowflake Perm No blank
2-Baviaans Legend Award Print2
Informally we have been keeping track of our runners who were awarded a Rhodes ‘Snowflake’ Permanent Number and received the Baviaanskloof ‘Legend’ award.
There were five runners who completed the 'Raubenheimer Double' in 2018, Anthony Bernard, Mark Groch, Alicia Grobler, Benita Joubert and Gerhard Vosloo.
To commemorate the 30th Rhodes Run and the 10th Baviaanskloof Run we created special trophies for the three best combined times.
Alicia Grobler (12:41:01) and Gerhard Vosloo (13:40:51) took 4th and 5th places respectively.
The 'Raubenheimer Double 2018' trophies, with gold, silver and bronze plaques were presented to Benita, Mark & Anthony.
1-photo 2018-09-28 14-57-07
1-photo 2018-09-28 14-56-19
1-photo 2018-09-28 14-56-18
1-photo 2018-09-28 14-56-17

Smiles say it all

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Thank you our ever-generous Rhodes runners.

This past week we received photographs from the village of the blankets and toys which were donated to the children at the Zakhele Rhodes Public School.

Susan 18-2
Susan 18-5
Susan 18-7
Susan 18-8
Susan 18-10
Susan 18-11

Photographs: Susan Kolntz


Snowflake Numbers & Legend Awards

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During the thirty years of the Rhodes Trail Run and the ten years of the Baviaanskloof Trail Run 42 runners have achieved a 'double', receiving a Rhodes Run Snowflake Permanent Number and qualifying to receive a 'Legend of the Baviaanskloof' award.

Steven Ahlschlager   Glenda Badenhorst   Anthony Bernard
Tony Boardman   Andy Bolton   John Brand †
Bennie Burger   Peter Burton   Ivan Cockroft
Ben de Klerk   Eugene Delport   Chris du Plessis
Werner Ernst   Clinton Fisher   Elna Fourie 
Henry Hill   Paul Johnson   Lynton Kinloch
Billy Kirkman   Jaco Klopper   Pieter Louw
Peter Marriott   David Mills   Christo Muller
Willem Muller   Andrew Raubenheimer   Greg Raubenheimer
Mark Raubenheimer   James Reid   David Robertson
Piet Schoeman   Jan Shaw   Frantz Struwig
Roger Trader   Charmaine van der Merwe   Stephen van der Merwe
Gerhard Vosloo   Alison Wasserfall   John Wasserfall
Dickie Weers   Andre Willemse   Grant Wolff
1-1-Rhodes Snowflake Perm No blank
      Baviaans Run Logo Higher Res






Raubenheimer Doubles

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Interesting question posed by Mark Groch on the Baviaans Run Twitter platform after completing his 7th Baviaanskloof Trail Run.
"How many #raubeheimerdoubles? @RhodesTrailRun @BaviaansRun"
Mark created a super collage which he posted with his question.
There were five who completed the 'Raubenheimer Double' in 2018, completing the Rhodes Trail Run as well as the Baviaanskloof Trail Run.
In addition to Mark there was Alicia Grobler, Benita Joubert, Anthony Bernard and Gerhard Vosloo.
  Rhodes Time Baviaans Time Combined Time
Benita Joubert 8:53:42 2:43:48 11:37:30
Mark Groch 8:40:42 3:18:36 11:59:18
Anthony Bernard 8:09:49 3:52:00 12:01:49
Alicia Grobler 7:58:37 4:42:24 12:41:01
Gerhard Vosloo 8:58:27 4:42:24 13:40:51

More from our 30th Rhodes Run

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More memories courtesy of Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures.

It all starts with a peal ...  ... and ends with blast
 IMG 9925
 IMG 9914
 IMG 9915
  Charmaine van der Merwe off for her 10th medal with Wendy & Kobus Dippenaar on their way for their first visit to Mavis
IMG 0024
IMG 0064
IMG 0153
 IMG 0107
IMG 0146
IMG 0016
IMG 0186
IMG 0276
IMG 0234
We don't do manicured
IMG 0299
  Take me home country road ...
 IMG 0369
IMG 0327
One last river to cross .. or a bridge too far
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