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Don't expect hot water

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 frozen-tap 1821521b
Here is a useful tip for those of you who are going to blitz the route on the 29th.
Don't expect hot water, or even running water for that matter, if you finish before midday. Water freezes when it's cold, you would have noticed that when you crossed the rivers and at the feed stations, and frozen water just does not flow through pipes. So, no hot showers, and maybe no showers or baths until the afternoon.
Of course those of you who have been to Rhodes before know this...but please tell your family who will be in Rhodes while you have fun scrambling over the hills - they will probably not be able to go 'home' to a hot bath after the start.  Help them  to have an enjoyable morning without worrying about a morning bath - suggest they are well stocked with steaming hot coffee and/or OB while you are away!

Distance of Rhodes, not to Rhodes

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Arriving from the United States and all corners of South Africa the distance our runners travel to Rhodes is a variable.

As is the race distance!

The race distance is 52km. Well, sometimes. The route is traditionally described as being "about 50k but will depend on the mood of the chap setting the course" as many of our more frequent visitors can attest.

Little changes to the route through the kloof are not that infrequent, sometimes it must be said stimulated through the inadvertent flushing of a covey of Greywing. The 'Tufts of Terror' are known to change each year. Sometimes to avoid a marsh created by melted snow, possibly to by-pass a deep snow drift, maybe to take advantage of a view, or even to enable the flag team to spot a family of mountain reedbuck.

1-IMG 6080-2
1-IMG 5564
Mountain Reedbuck (above) and Greywing Francolin (below) on the route

52km is the rule of thumb, but don't get hung up on that. Depending on the satellites your wrist monitor links with you could measure your run as 50km or even 54km, and if you don't follow the flags we hope you have your passport with you!


Substitutions Closed for 2019

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That is it, substitutions are closed



No Cup, No Run

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In a world first over a decade ago the Baviaanskloof Trail Run introduced their 'No Cup, No Run' Rule.

Unashamedly we followed their excellent lead. At the Rhodes Run everyone must carry their own cup, reducing landfill and avoiding litter being blown into the veld. 

No cups on our feed station tables.

1-IMG 0294

Well, there is one exception.

The Tiffindell team at the Quarry Check Point provide a selection of fiery fluids to assist you to cross the 'tufts of terror'.

Yip, we do 'a Nelson' and Tiffindell is the only feed station permitted to have 'cups' for their special fuels.1

1-IMG 0181
2-IMG 0186

Reminder for our Class of '19, run with your cup, or you could find yourself meditating at a Check Point.2


1 - Special fuel (synonym) to numb the legs

2 - Meditating (verb) reflection or wishing one had started with a cup

Images: Craig Muller | Backyard Adventures 


Inside Kloppershoekkloof

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  1-11058053 915641898493153 8159778447519082472 n
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  1-11218898 915641501826526 8654491626523873360 n

Images: Sharon McComb


Breath-tak-ing Trail Run

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Image from an olde, very old, Rhodes Run shirt


Route to Rhodes - Travel Lightly

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RoadtoRhodes 0352

If this is your first time travelling to the district we suggest that you make use of a 'traditional' paper map when planning your route. In recent years GPS systems have taken first-timers on rather adventurous routes, not always ending up in Rhodes.

Those unable to stay in Rhodes must please note that high speed travelling is not possible on the dirt roads and need to give themselves adequate time to reach the start. 

The Barkly East - Rhodes road is lumpy, very lumpy in places and caution must be exercised. Travel lightly. Budget a 90 minute drive for this 60 km section, especially if travelling after dark and you are not familiar with the road, Drive prudently.


RoadtoRhodes 681


The road is rather 'bumpy' in places. Local farmers take umbrage if a motorist bumps one of their sheep, even if it is hidden in a corrugation!

Petrol & diesel are not available in Rhodes. You are advised to fill up your vehicles' fuel tank before starting your last leg to Rhodes.


Collective Noun for Rhodes Runners

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The collective noun for a group of Rhodes runners is ...

Rhodes un2018-CraigMuller

The collective noun is an Aurora of Rhodes runners.

Dave Funnell (Snowflake # 1099) coined the phrase and outlines his rationale for using 'aurora' as the collective noun for Rhodes runners

It's actually the collective noun for a group of Polar Bears - very relevant.
I also like the ring of it due to its other meaning as a romantic name for the Roman Goddess of Sunrise, who's tears turn into the morning dew. The sunrise over the mountains at Rhodes has been gorgeous both years I've run.
Along with being associated with the electrical phenomenon of green & red steamers, the Aurora Borealis at the North Pole & Aurora Australis at the South Pole.
Somehow seems to sum up Rhodes for me.
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