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The Rhodes Trail Run : 14th July 2007

A message from Evie Raubenheimer, Race Director
We were blessed with wonderful weather for our 19th Run. Chilly at the start (-11°C), windless and wonderful running conditions during the day, with enough snow around so that you could ‘play’ and have fun.

Many of you found the new section a challenge!

Your comments on the new section were mostly “awesome”, “tough”, “absolutely stunning views”, “dig up all the roads and only use the veld!”, “why did it take you so long to change” “never done the ‘old’ section but the route I ran was fantastic”.

Then there was a small minority who either did not read the pre-race instructions that carefully (or not at all!) wherein it was clearly stated that feeding stations would be about 10km apart along the route and that it is strongly recommended that you carry water. The furthest gap between feeding stations was less than 9km, with the back stretch after the Hooggenoeg check point having a feeding station 5km later and then 7km after that – well within the parameters of the pre-race instructions.
I must remind you that Rhodes is a TRAIL RUN, and NOT a road race where feeding stations are every 3km. At the pre-race briefing entrants were once again reminded to carry water.

That some of you complained about the lack of water ………. well maybe next time you will pay better attention.

Having walked the new section (to take down the flags) and been over most of the rest of the course on the Monday after the run I was thrilled to see that there was no litter on the route. Thank you.

Mavis, bless her, attracted her usual degree of comment. She is not going to go away. She will continue to be hard and tough and she demands respect, although she now also has some competition from Hooggenoeg!

So many wonderful achievements this year. We are always thrilled with every one of our participants, especially our winners and this year was very special with Tammy becoming the first person to record four consecutive wins at Rhodes (her 12th position overall is the highest finish by a lady in the 19 years).

This year a special accolade to Sham Singh, Danny Holton and Grobbie Grobler who ran their 19th consecutive Rhodes.
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